Do you protect your business or just take shortcuts? Whenever you try to take a shortcut in your business, almost always the result is a failure. It’s not always catastrophic and it can usually be fixed pretty easy, but why do business owners continue to make them?

Lack of processes

If you run your business without having a process and structure, you’re more likely to find that corners have been cut, and your product, somewhere, is not as good as it should be. This is not to say that business should not be fun, but it just needs to be managed. We’ve talked about this before in a previous news article; 3 steps that will restore your business and sanity.

To be able to do business properly and achieve success, you need processes in place that give staff direction and accountability, so they can do their job, and have fun while doing it. It gives staff the capabilities to perform at their best when they need to, and know when they are able to let their hair down a little bit.

The best way to protect your business is to be the master of your tools, not be a tool. As a business owner, accountability falls to you too. If you are giving your staff the inability to perform properly, how do you know where your business could be, or should be? Accentis Enterprise will help you master the tools of business management software, and you will get empowerment, control and confidence. You’ll be able to view your business as a whole, and break it down into smaller chunks within different departments, so you can see where improvements can be made. Before an issue gets too out of hand, you’re able to diagnose the problem and have it fixed before it’s caused too much damage.

The other benefit of processes is that, once they are in place, employee training is improved and doesn’t take as long. Everything has been done for a reason and there is no one saying “well this is how I do it”. Additionally, as processes are implemented, they can be improved upon by staff that do come up with a better way that doesn’t sacrifice quality. The staff you have in the particular roles will be the ones that are able to help design and improve the processes you have in place, improving the business as a whole, and making your job much easier.

Sometimes it’s easier to turn a blind eye and take the shortcut to the finish line, but the cost to the business can be immense. That’s why building your business on Excel is like a deck of cards. To find out how you can stop taking shortcuts and put in business processes that work, contact us today, and protect your business in the future!