Who doesn’t love bacon? A lot of people actually, but they’re wrong… Business owners though, aren’t wrong about taking shortcuts. They just shouldn’t happen.

Once your business is on a roll and you’re busy, you hire extra staff to perform the jobs that you can no longer do, or no longer want to do. You could have hired someone in a role that you know nothing about, but who your business really needs. As the business grows and matures, more and more staff join the team and, pretty soon you have yourself an issue. Staff don’t always play nice and are not always as invested in your business as you are. Some staff will shirk their responsibilities onto other team members to take the easy way out, and increase the workloads of those who can’t bear the burden. Without knowing who is responsible for what, senior staff members can abuse their position and take a shortcut to getting their job done.

How are you able to measure their work output in a reasonable manner without coming across like a tyrant? Answer: Accentis Enterprise

By utilising features within Accentis Enterprise, you have your finger on the pulse at all times. All staff can log their time and jobs, helping you to know what they are working on, how long it will take, expected results and more! By implementing a solid record-keeping solution, you not only give your business the structure it requires, but shows the expectations you want from your team, and that’s exactly what you want to create. Working in a big business is not an individual sport, you’re all working together for the business, albeit in different departments and job roles. If you can show current staff how their position helps to improve the business overall, their sense of entitlement and pride in what they do will increase. As with new staff, you can easily layout your expectations and show them how their new role will be integral to the building of something new, you’ll get better candidates who are excited to come to work and prove themselves. Any issues that are diagnosed can be easily dealt with and recorded for future training purposes and to enhance the work flow.

Implementing work orders, job costing and record-keeping isn’t difficult, and it needn’t be either! A good business will be able to encourage their team through the work efforts of many, and enjoy the success together that it brings. When you create work orders in Accentis, you’re laying the groundwork for each employee to have entitlement on their role. They can see the work that needs to be done, and how long it can take, and the results required. As skill levels increase, the work orders can be updated to better reflect the abilities of those keys staff, and improve the work orders to be more efficient. As efficiency grows, your business will evolve and improve. Staff will take ownership of their roles, and be able to easily reflect on how improvements can be made.

If you feel your business might be starting to take shortcuts that it shouldn’t be, contact Accentis today! Long live bacon, but let’s take control of the shortcuts.