Business Logistics

An SMB/SME can come in any shape and size. There’s no set formula and each one designed to maximise profits. The promise of a dream to a real tangible product, small to medium-sized businesses are unique.

Depending on the industry sector the business operates in, logistical issues will arise. The requirements will dictate what sort of supply chain management (SCM) will work.

Business logistics play a vital role in getting products into consumers’ hands.

The size of the business won’t determine if there is a supply chain in place. It’s the products and services the business offers that will show what’s needed and where.

It’s common for a production assembly, or manufacturing plant, to use logistics often. This helps them to maintain efficiency by controlling many complicated processes.

Doesn’t Inventory & Stock Control Do That?

It would be great if they did, but then they’d be more complicated, so the short answer is No.

The longer answer is that they are a component within the ERP system that can affect it, but they don’t control it. It’s the same as accounting, manufacturing and CRM that support different areas.

Good business logistics, or supply chains, will be exactly that. Logistical and linked, like a chain. Within the chain, each link represents a step the raw materials take until completed. Right from purchasing, manufacture, package and distributing it to the customer.

The supply chain management is the glue that holds each of these processes together. It will ensure that each step is consistent and planning makes it all run smooth. Each link in the chain is there for a logical reason to provide benefit.

Growth Creating A Logistical Nightmare

As a business grows, the logistics within can take a hit and not be that logical anymore. This usually happens when a business grows so fast that processes can’t keep up.

What worked when you weren’t so busy will now start to affect many different areas of your business. What processes have you updated or put in place as you’ve grown?

Usually, what happens in simple. A business will buy a range of software products, each designed to fix one issue. Often, there’s not much, if any, integration between them.

You need to use software that an asset to your business, not a liability. If you don’t, as a result, the business process suffers.

In each case, a supply chain management system can be effective, logical and functional. Implementing an SCM can overcome issues that have crept in over time. The entire process will become clear, allowing the business to grow much more easily.


Supply chain management is a logical business decision. It will improve and organise your business in many ways. As part of an ERP system such as Accentis Enterprise, the benefits are amazing.

Your business will have more velocity, visibility and variability control, helping your success.

Implementing a thorough business solution will also help to save you money. Less wasted time doing repetitive tasks, and you save money by getting more work done.

Accentis Enterprise is a business management tool that improves your business. It’s a complete manufacturing, wholesaling, distribution, project management and service industry software solution.

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