Businesses come in many different shapes and sizes, selling everything from the promise of a dream, to a real, tangible product that can be used by the consumer. Depending on the business sector and requirements, most businesses will need some form of supply chain management (SCM) to organise the business logistics. In most cases, the size of the business won’t determine if there is a supply chain in place, but it is more down to the products and services offered by the business as a whole. Most manufacturing or production type businesses will need to include business logistics in some form or another to keep control of the entire process.

Isn’t that what Inventory and Stock Control are for?

The short answer is No. The long answer is that inventory, stock control, accounting, manufacturing, CRM and more, are all components that can both affect and determine how much needs to be put into your business logistics. A good supply chain will be exactly that, a chain that links each step of the raw material you use to manufacture, package and distribute to other suppliers or consumers. Each link in the chain needs to be there for a reason, and will record and maintain procedures that ensure the end product is consistent throughout the entire process. You can think of SCM as the glue that holds the process together.

Sometimes business logistics are, well, not that logical. This is usually the case when a business has grown rapidly without stopping to look at the processes that have been put into place. It can also occur when a business has multiple products to run their business, but where there is no integration between them all. As a result, the business process suffers. However, in each case an effective, logical and functional system can be developed with the right supply chain management. Implementing SCM will overcome these issues and give clarity to the entire process, allowing the business to grow more effectively into the future and have better visibility across more sectors of the business.

Supply chain management helps to organise and improve business logistics by improving the velocity of inventory movement and inventory visibility, while minimising costs associated with them. If you need some help or advice on what SCM can do for you, contact Accentis who are specialists in this field. With a complete business management solution, you can be sure that we’re able to help you improve your business logistics today!