It’s easy to think that CRM software helps your business make more money. I mean, that’s why we’re in the game isn’t it? But think about this: CRM means Customer Relationship Management.

Let’s consider those words: Customer, Relationship and Management. Each of them has a vastly different but no less important part to play within CRM software. To be able to use it effectively, you need to understand the entire concept behind the acronym.


You’re not the customer. You want to sell to the customer, and they’re the first consideration in CRM software. Without customers, your business is doomed. This is a part of your business you need to foster, to grow, to appreciate and to respect.

How many times have you been a customer and been unhappy with either the service or a business product you spent money on? Would you go back to them and complain? Never go back and cost them your business? Now think about how your customers see you and your business. The last thing you want to do to inhibit your success is to upset your customers. The goal is to make them happy, keep them happy.

The old idiom “It’s easier to keep a customer than attract a new one” stands true. This leads to our next point: Relationship.


Every day as you go about your business, you are a customer. You use all the products and services you do because you’ve developed a relationship with them. No, you’re not taking them out on a date or on a holiday to Hawaii (It’s a different type of relationship!) but it’s a very powerful consideration in CRM software.

People resonate with products all the time, either through jingles in marketing, staff personalities or by actually being the product!

Think about Facebook, Twitter or Google, places where you are the product and they sell your details to advertisers. They have developed a relationship with you through their products so you can share your life with family and friends (which you use for free) and you have to view ads in exchange for the privilege . They do this because they are able to discover what you need, what you want, what you like and what you dislike.

By harnessing the power of CRM software in your business, your relationship with your customers will also change, grow and become a sales tool. This needs to be managed. We’ll talk about that next.


The majority of management in CRM software is carried out by the software itself. That’s its job and the main reason you implemented a CRM system in the first place. One caveat of the software capabilities, though, is that there is nothing to manage without data. You and your staff need to input that data and it can come from many different data collection points.

To manage your customer relationships properly, you need to be consistent, informative and you need to keep everything up-to-date. The true power of CRM software comes from noticing trends in sales, gathering information for better marketing and having access to customer history for on-selling additional products and services.

Not only is it easier to keep a customer, it’s also cheaper. You don’t need to spend as much money on marketing to your current customers. You know their purchases and what products and services they are likely to buy from you if offered. Customer management should be utilised by anyone who has a direct relationship with customers in any aspect, to use the CRM software to its greatest potential.


As you can see, CRM software is more than just a fancy acronym for recording customer sales. It’s a powerful tool used to decrease business costs, increase sales and create a better relationship with your customers.

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