Single Touch Payroll is almost here!

In fact, as we write this, there are only 31 days until you will need to start using STP. Although we have written a number of articles, provided a lot of resources and share lots of information on our webpage, it might not be enough for you. The ATO also provides a PDF fact sheet, a checklist, and information for employees who are unsure of what they might need to do.

Below we link to numerous webinars recorded by the ATO to share information about what you can expect from STP and why it’s so important:

Whether or not you already use Accentis Enterprise Payroll, we’ll be ready to go as required. If you are still trying to decide on payroll software, Accentis Payroll can be provided standalone to help you get ready.

For more information on STP, Payroll in general, or any of our small to medium business accounting features, contact us so we can help to answer all your questions.