If you haven’t yet heard about Single Touch Payroll (STP) and you’re a business owner, you need to take a break for 5 mins and catch up! you should all be aware of what STP is and the details surrounding it. Time is marching on and we’re nearly at the end of April already, meaning there’s only 2 short months left to go before STP reporting will be upon us all. There’s no need to be afraid or confused, as there is plenty of information available and many people who are willing to help.

Speaking of help, it’s time that we introduce the 2 things you need to know about STP today! Those two things are your STP Transport Providers. While there are many like-minded services available, Accentis is integrating with 2 providers, MessageXchange and Ozedi, who will be responsible for sending your payroll data to the ATO. Accentis has decided on both of these due to the solutions that they offer, while giving you a selection of which provider suits the choices you make.


To open an account with MessageXchange, you will need to contact them either through their website or give them a call. All their details are below.

Website: https://www.messagexchange.com/
Phone: 1300 769 414


If you want to use Ozedi as your STP Transport Provider, you will need to register with them. You can register with them at the following link, or contact them on the phone number listed.

Website: https://www.ozedi.com.au/
Phone: 1300 737 614

We integrate with STP-compliant Transport Providers who will send the data securely to the ATO on your behalf. Choose one of the STP transport providers that Accentis integrates with and contact them to organise an account. You must select one of the Transport Providers to send your Single Touch Payroll data to the ATO. Transport Providers will charge you based on the amount of data that is sent through their system. Accentis will not charge you to connect to a Transport Provider as we have written our integration to them automatically.

With only about 10 weeks to go, it’s important to understand what is required of you for the purposes of sending you payroll details to the ATO for processing.