You may have heard about Single Touch Payroll, or STP over the last few weeks, and you’re going to hear a lot more about it. It’s a change in the way the payroll data is sent to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) and will affect multiple business from all industry types. The basics are pretty simple. If your business has 20 or more employees from April 1st 2018, you will need to use STP to report your details to the ATO starting on July 1st. If your business has less than 20 employees, you don’t need to make the switch until July 1st 2019, but if you want you can start using the service beforehand. This is an initiative by the ATO which, in simple terms, means that any time you process employee-related pay data or superannuation, the ATO needs to be notified electronically at the time the payment is made.

If your business is required to use STP by July 1st , you will need to get ready for what you need to do. These steps are:

  1. Upgrade Accentis to the version that is STP ready
  2. Sign up to one of two accredited STP Transport Service Providers that work with Accentis
  3. Start reporting to the ATO on July 1st

Sounds simple right? It should be. At Accentis we’re doing everything we can to make the changeover to using STP as easy as possible.

  1. Upgrade Accentis
    To be able to use STP, your Accentis Enterprise install will need to be updated once we release our STP compatible version in May. This version is currently being tested and configured to ensure a smooth rollout for all of our customers. If you are on the Accentis Upgrade Plan, we’ll arrange a suitable time for support to upgrade your system so you can get STP up and running. If you are not on the upgrade plan, you will need to contact support to find out what you need to do. The upgrade of Accentis is relatively simple and will include all changes required for the use of Single Touch Payroll, some of which are reports, employee records, supplier details and more. A full user guide on Single Touch Payroll (STP) will be available when the upgrade is released.
  2. Sign up to a Transport Service Provider
    In the coming weeks, Accentis will have finalised the sign-up procedure for two Transport Service Providers that work seamlessly with Accentis Enterprise. As a business, you will need to sign up so that your details can be passed to the ATO by an accredited service as required. When you sign up, you will be given a unique ID number that you add into Accentis Enterprise payroll details, to provide the approved link to their system. You will also need to ensure that your Accentis server is able to connect on the internet. In the event that the internet is not available for a period of time, Accentis will continue to attempt to send the details until it again comes back online.
  3. Start reporting to the ATO
    Come the 1st of July, you will need to start using Single Touch Payroll to send your business information to the ATO. Refer to the user guide on STP for what you need to do from within Accentis Enterprise to be compliant when we release our new version. You can send data to the ATO as often as you like, however be aware that you are charged by your Transport Service Provider by data volume sent. If you continually resubmit pay runs to the ATO then you will be sending more data and incurring more costs. STP activity reports will be available in Accentis Enterprise that show the status of each send that has been performed. Your Single Touch Payroll activity can also be viewed by logging into your chosen Transport Service Provider’s web portal.

To learn more, visit our STP page now!