Single Touch Payroll is almost here! It’s so close in fact, that you can probably already view the settings in your Accentis software, have signed up to either Ozedi or MessageXchange, and are now just sitting here excited and waiting.

Keep doing that!

Although all of the puzzle pieces are falling into place, you need to just hang on for a little while longer. Even though you might be ready, you can’t yet lodge Single Touch Payroll data with the ATO. There’s a whole bunch of reasons why, but the biggest one is that any data that gets sent before July 1st can actually hinder the process further up the chain during roll-out. It’s very important that you only start using Single Touch Payroll after July 1st, and not a moment too soon!

For our part, we’re working madly to get everything sorted for you to make it as smooth a process as possible. That includes making sure our user guide for Single Touch Payroll is completed, and we get it up for you to read through so you know exactly what you’re doing.

So just to recap, even though you might have access to STP features and functionality, please, do not post anything to the ATO until after July 1st.

If you would like any information about Single Touch Payroll, business management software or small business accounting software, get in touch! We’re always looking to help and know that, no matter how may times we think we’ve answered everything, someone always has a new question to ask.