This update is our last minute reminder to inform you as best we can about Single Touch Payroll (STP) and its implications and use within your business. Don’t panic if this is all new to you, we have everything you need to know detailed below, and you can also visit the ATO’s website for more information.

If on April 1st 2018 your business:

  • Did not have 20 or more employees, you can relax and wait until next year if you wish. On July 1st 2019, you will be required to use STP regardless of your business size. You can also start using STP whenever you like voluntarily before that date, from July 1st 2018. If you do not wish to start early, you can ignore this email, but we do recommend you read it.
  • Did have 20 or more employees, you are required to use STP to process your payroll to the ATO from July 1st 2018. Please read below to make sure you are ready.

What to do before July 1st 2018:

To make sure that you are ready for STP, you should have by now signed up for it and be familiar with the requirements. For information regarding how Accentis will lodge STP data, you can visit our complete user guide here. You should also have completed the following setting up process:

  1. Assessed that you need to sign up to use STP or not based on the ATO’s requirements.
  2. Decided on a Transport Provider to send the payroll data to the ATO (this step is very important as Accentis does not send data to the ATO directly)
  3. Configured STP system preferences
  4. Reviewed any Custom Tax scales
  5. Reviewed Pay item settings
  6. Reviewed Employee data
  7. Configured Payroll permissions

What to do after July 1st 2018:

It’s now time for you to do your first pay run using STP! Don’t worry, it’s really very simple and is pretty much business as usual.

  1. Enable Single Touch Payroll in your settings so that you can lodge details to the ATO.
  2. Process your first pay run as usual, but when you apply it, you will be asked if you want to lodge it to the ATO, say YES. That’s it, you’re pretty much done.
  3. You should run the STP dashboard which will show the status of the ATO lodgement: SA442 – Payroll > Report > Single Touch Payroll > STP Dashboard
    1. If everything is green, then there are no issues, well done!
    2. If everything is not green, it’s OK, no need to panic. Please read the report guide linked above on what this may mean so you can fix it.
    3. The ATO understands this is a large shift for many businesses and will be understanding of issues in the early stages.

If you need help, please email Accentis Support, and include the information on what you were attempting to do, and the result.


Single Touch Payroll is almost here!

In fact, as we write this, there are only 31 days until you will need to start using STP. Although we have written a number of articles, provided a lot of resources and share lots of information on our webpage, it might not be enough for you. The ATO also provides a PDF fact sheet, a checklist, and information for employees who are unsure of what they might need to do.

Below we link to numerous webinars recorded by the ATO to share information about what you can expect from STP and why it’s so important:

Whether or not you already use Accentis Enterprise Payroll, we’ll be ready to go as required. If you are still trying to decide on payroll software, Accentis Payroll can be provided standalone to help you get ready.

For more information on STP, Payroll in general, or any of our small to medium business accounting features, contact us so we can help to answer all your questions.