For years we have been told that “the customer is always right”, like some kind of service mantra that we must repeat to ourselves during a situation when clearly they are not. As a blanket approach to customer service, it’s not exactly the worst advice. But it just doesn’t hold true for every situation, and in some instances, you are doing your customers a disservice by allowing them to exert that power over you and your business. As a consumer, you want to hope that you’re getting the best possible customer service whenever you make a transaction from a business. As a business, you want to ensure your service is the best you can give your customers. But sometimes, these two simple concepts just don’t align from one side or another.

Customer service is defined as “the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase

Depending on your industry and sales cycle, these steps can be over a period of days through to a number of years. At Accentis for example, our sales process is rather long due to the sometimes complex requirements of our customers requests, and our provision of ensuring the data will be correct through implementation and into the future. One of the best ways to manage this process is with a Customer Management System or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. This kind of technology can help structure processes to give your customers the best path from purchase through to after-sales service.Now back to the statement “the customer is always right”.

How can you use CRM technology to help customer’s always be right, even when they might be wrong?

By building relationships and tracking your interactions to learn more about who your customers are, what they like, and how you can sell more to them. When you use a Customer Management System, diligence pays off in the long run. What can seem a chore to have to constantly add details about any interaction with a customer, can prove invaluable when you need to know about that interaction in the future to help speed up the service and repair of that item, or in a worst case scenario, have to contact everyone for a product recall. The more information you have on your customers and interactions with them, the better customer service you are able to offer to them, and the next customer.

The customer is always right, but a customer may be wrong one day, and they don’t go through with a purchase. By recording and learning from that experience, you can improve your service and foresee any issues the next customer may have about that item. Even though the previous customer didn’t buy from you, your experience in dealing with the scenario has changed, improved and most likely resulted in a different outcome. Without the first customer complaining, you might not have even realised how you would react to that situation, and lost two customers instead of just the one. So even though they might be wrong in a small instance, in the end, they are right, because they helped you win over the second customer. And just as before, you record the interactions in your CRM software to improve your service in the future, and win more customers!

If you’re looking for a solution to help you win more customers, look no further than Accentis Enterprise as your Customer Management System. With full CRM capabilities integrated to business leading modules such as manufacturing, job costing, payroll, general ledger and much more, you can win customers, while also accepting “the customer is always right”. Want to get some additional info? Just contact us so we can show you what else we can offer for customer service.