When businesses need to pay their staff, they need a decent payroll system to be able to do that. Leading up to the start of July this year, the ATO has made the change to Single Touch Payroll obligations for all businesses with 20 or more employees. But even if you have less than 20 employees, you need to get ready, because come July 2019 all businesses in Australia will need to use Single Touch Payroll. In one of the largest shakeups the payroll industry in Australia has seen in recent times, it’s a change that will eventually affect nearly every one of us. It’s good news though, and there’s nothing to hate about it, whether you’re a Chamillionaire, or just an employee, the benefits of Single Touch Payroll are numerous.

Have you read in the news the multiple reports of businesses being fined for underpaying workers, or worse yet, the business goes bankrupt before anyone realises and the staff who have worked all those long hours don’t even get a pay slip. Single Touch Payroll is a step towards stamping out that ability from business owners taking advantage of their workers. We all know someone who, at sometime in their life has been taken advantage of by their employer, and most likely has not been reimbursed. Because businesses will need to send information as soon as any pay details by the employer have been made, mistakes can and will be picked up faster by the ATO.

As a business, the cost of implementing Single Touch Payroll falls to you by upgrading your software to be STP compliant, or changing payroll software to one that is. Accentis is an STP complaint software provider who, if you only need payroll software, we have you covered. While Accentis Enterprise is powerful business management software  with feature after feature, we understand that not every business requires that much management. If you’re after a compliant STP payroll solution, then you’re ready to roll with Accentis Payroll. Not only are we able to offer you payroll software, but we’ll train your accountant on how to use Accentis for free! That’s right. If you want to use Accentis payroll and your accountant is going to need those reports, send them to use for a free training session, so you have the support of the person who manages your money for you.

We’re not trying to change the world, we’re just trying to help you keep up with it. Contact us for more information.

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