Even though we have just started this blog, and connected and started to use all of our social media channels, we’re off for a holiday break. Our aim was to be able to get these networks setup and ready, and then next year we can go full guns blazing and be much better equipped. While we’re happy to be here and talk social, we’re also needing a recharge of the batteries.

Accentis will be closed throughout the holiday period for 2 weeks, leaving Friday, 22nd of December and returning Monday, 8th of January 2018. How long a break are you taking?

While we’re away though, we’re building up our stamina and getting ready to hit the ground running for a huge 2018. There’s lots in store for us next year, and we’re excited to be a part of it.

For now though, a little lie down is in order while we enjoy the break. From all of us here at Accentis, we wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year! You can still contact us if you need to.