4 Job Costing Tools You Should Know About

A job costing software system is a better way to track and manage associated business costs. But what does that mean for the thousands of SMBs in Australia and New Zealand?

It means there’s an opportunity for you to be more efficient than your competitor, and get a bigger slice of the pie!

Job costing software is also known as project management software, or trade services software. It’s a software solution that draws on data from many different resources within the business.

Accentis Enterprise ERP contains over 10 different modules that are heavily-integrated. Job costing as one of these modules gives you an impressive amount of data that you use to increase profit.

Job Costs For Business Owners

A lot of business owners don’t understand what the true cost is of providing their services. From either manufacturing products out of raw materials, to managing the project. It’s just not something that comes to mind naturally.

By the time your product or service is delivered to the customer, what value have you put in?

Have you considered employee time, ancillary products and external resources such as electricity? Maybe, you just consider these the cost of doing business. That’s all good, until you need to know the value of these “overheads” that you continue to absorb.

Value that isn’t calculated into your costs is profit that you lose. It can add up fast, and by not knowing about it, you don’t even know you’re missing out!

SMB Job Costing Tools

Accentis Enterprise can give you everything you need to track where your profits go. The job costing module can tell you where they are coming from, and getting lost.

You need a complete package allowing you to estimate, forecast, budget, quote and charge for jobs. Even if you’re happy to absorb some of the costs as a means of doing business, you know what the costs are. Being better informed allows you to make better business decisions.

In this article, we’re highlighting 4 of the best job costing tools that you might not know about. They are:

  • Software module integration
  • Information gathering and storage
  • Automatic management
  • Complete job costing control

Software Module Integration

Accentis Enterprise is not just a job costing or project management tool. It’s more than a trade accounting software solution. It’s a single, fully-integrated software solution to manage your entire business.

Think of the benefits of having data from every piece of business software you own, in one tool! Not only do you not have to duplicate data into different systems, but the data sharing is instant.

Job costing benefits from Time & Attendance with biometric time clock recording. Thanks to our integration with Aussie Time Sheets hardware, you don’t even need to touch it!

Payroll & HR software, including Single Touch Payroll (STP), shares the hourly rates of employees. Forecasting employee time to the job is more accurate.

The project’s inventory report can detail what you have available right now, or what you need to order. Cost values are all included, giving you up-to-date figures for a complete cost value.

When you know what resources you will be putting into a project, you can plan, quote and budget with accuracy. This minimises your risk as a business, and the customer can make better decisions.

The integration of many software solutions into one has already saved you time and money. It allows you to be more confident in estimating jobs and winning more work.

Information Gathering & Storage

Throughout its development, a priority for Accentis Enterprise was data. Both the collection of thousands of data points to the storing, recalling and reports and analysis that use it.

Every single module within our ERP system is so powerful in data capabilities, it’ll blow you away. An overwhelming number of fields that gather information will become familiar over time. You will soon store hundreds of data points about your business you never even imagined.

Many fields within Accentis Enterprise can store an unlimited number of records. Couple that with the ability to store any electronic document direct to a record, and you’ll be away!

Each record is reportable, giving you history that you can use at any time to make better decisions. Do away with complicated spreadsheets and data duplication. Improve your efficiency with ease, because we’ve done it for you.

Look back on past customer transactions or job details. It’s right there at your fingertips, ready for use! Use your own history of running the business to forecast jobs, with accurate results.

Automatic Management

Job Costing software will help you see the bigger picture. Link projects with the right employees that have the skills to do the work required. Configure time-frames based on their skill set to get better job estimations.

When you know an employee’s strengths and weaknesses, you can plan better. Some employees may take longer to perform a task, but their end result is of higher quality. If an employee is in training, you can pair them with a qualified employee to improve their skills.

It doesn’t matter which industry your business is a part of, data is data. Managing it to be automatic provides you with a streamlined process to save time. No more manually recording data into spreadsheets that are difficult to use anyway.

Accentis Enterprise will benefit any manufacturing business across any industry. From plastic moulding to metal fabrication. From production nurseries through to aquaculture farm management. From micro electronics right through to food production, we can do it all.

Save time and work smarter with automatic data management. Not only will you see the benefits, but so will your employees.

Complete Job Costing Control

There’s no point in a tool that can only perform half the job. You can’t hammer a nail without a head on the handle. Well you can, but it’s going to be difficult and probably not end up how you want it.

That’s why Accentis Enterprise is such a benefit to any SMB. The first three tools above are powerful features within the system. This tool, however, is the entire solution rolled into one.

Integrated job costing is great because data sharing means more accurate information. It allows you to use the latest data and apply it to any calculation you need to make.

Still on data, the gathering and storage of all that information. There’s one database, so no more duplication of data into multiple systems. Put away the Excel spreadsheets and use a tool dedicated to your needs.

The automatic management of processes. Not only will save employee time by automating tasks, you save money.

Accentis Enterprise is like a new employee that’s hired to manage all your data. Instead of hiring another staff member to help with your current confusing scenario…

Spend your time and business money wisely. Our job costing system gives you reports on everything you can think of. Different time-frames on many different jobs, even on multiple locations!

Accurate time recording and employee rate management for exact financial figures. True cost reporting on required inventory and warehouse management.

You can confidently meet your obligations for job quotes because the data is right there. Meet your budgets, exceed your forecast, improve your bottom line.


As you can see, a job costing system or project management solution is powerful. Not only will it give you the ability to forecast, but you will save time and money in the process.

Accentis Enterprise is a single software solution to manage your entire business. It’s an ERP system that delivers results on so many areas within a business. Don’t get left behind your competition.

Contact us to learn more about how we help businesses just like yours. We’re experienced and have a wealth of knowledge to offer advice and give support.

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