4 Job Costing Tools you Probably Didn’t Know About, but Should…

Job Costing software is a facility within Accentis Enterprise that draws on data from multiple sources to give you a wealth of business information, and is one of the benefits of an ERP solution.

Many business owners don’t take into account the true cost of what an item or service costs by the time it gets to the customers, and considers employee time and ancillary products used to be “part of the job”.

Who is recording or calculating how much all of this adds up to, or is it just being eaten by your lack of profit that you don’t know you could be making?

We’re pretty sure it’s the latter, and we want to help you to fix it. The Job costing system in Accentis Enterprise provides you with the complete package to budget, quote and charge your customers correctly.

Stop making the same mistakes year on year, and see if one of these 4 Job Costing tools might be able to help your business!

  1. Module Integration
    One of, if not the most important tools to help your business, is deeply integrated modules giving you a complete business picture. Accentis Enterprise will pull data from Time & Attendance, Payroll, Inventory and Journal Transactions, showing you exactly what an item or job costs to produce, install or supply to your customers. By utilising the integrated service, you can better manage your budgeting to materials and time, allocate staff and quote customers from a more advantageous position. This facility alone will, and does, save businesses a lot unnecessary expenditure.
  2. Information Gathering
    Accentis Enterprise has powerful record-keeping capabilities through the entire software, so much so that many fields are able to contain unlimited amounts of data giving you powerful history to use at any time in the future. Never again will staff have to go back and look through spreadsheets for details of past transactions, customers or job details, it’ll be right there at your fingertips, ready when you need it.
  3. Automatic Management
    The best Job costing software can apply projects to employees, locations, skill sets, time frames and more, to get the job done properly. From manufacturing plastic molding materials to metal fabrication, through to horticulture and aquaculture, Accentis Enterprise has advanced solutions that will improve your work processes and procedures. Manually recording data into spreadsheets which need more manual work to get reports from is a thing of the past.
  4. Full Job Costing Control
    Because job costing is so deeply integrated, the feature-rich reports give you clarity over multiple time frames, grouped or single work locations, accurate start and stop timesheet records and more. When used correctly, the Accentis job costing system provides outstanding reports on the true cost of the jobs performed within the entire enterprise, allowing you to not only charge for services correctly, but to budget accordingly in future.

If you resonate with any of these tools available right now, you’d be crazy not to get in touch with us and find out more.

We have so many more features included that really make this one of the most powerful solutions within Accentis Enterprise, and ERP solutions as a whole.

Can your business afford not to know where money is being spent?


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