Excel is great, it’s right there in the name, but that doesn’t make it excellent for every task! It’s not thorough, supportive, capable or able to stand up to the rigors of business management forever. It just wasn’t designed to be used for all of the things that people use it for, and people flog it like a dead horse. If you really want to succeed in business, you need to get real. If you build a house of cards, it’s just going to collapse at some point.Did you know, 88% of spreadsheets have errors

Business owners often ask,How can people afford the time to implement new software”. Our answer isHow can you afford not to!?”.

It’s so easy when using multiple files and spreadsheets across a business for information to get lost. Different staff members have different requirements, and most likely different files. Even though access to files might not be a problem, what happens when someone saves a file out of sync, or worse yet, overwrites someone else’s Excel file by mistake! Sure you can use data recovery options, but they are not always perfect and sometimes only recover the last saved details, not the changes that have been made. Data needs to be re-entered into multiple worksheets and the whole double-handling mess somehow manages to keep the business running.

Accentis Enterprise is designed to help you manage these and many more issues. Think of our software as the building blocks needed to support your house properly, instead of those Excel cards that can blow away with the wind. Our software integrates seamlessly between modules, so posting data between Payroll and Accounting, Inventory and Job Costing, or Work Orders and Timesheets: it just works! No more double-handling of data, it’s entered once, and then everyone can report on it. Synchronisation of files happens instantly, and each staff member is controlled as to the level of access they’re granted, enabling management to concentrate on growing the business, instead of trying to support it.

You don’t fix a house of cards with super glue, you rebuild with better materials to support growth that is going to happen. Rebuilding takes time, and that’s why Accentis Enterprise can be rolled out section by section, ensuring a smooth transition from organised chaos to business organisation. We’re not out to change the world, but we are ready to help you do it.

Contact us to find out what’s new with Accentis Enterprise and the latest version that has just been released! Who knows, maybe you might see more than just one feature better than Excel that’ll make you look twice.