How can you tell if your business management software is an asset or liability? In today’s modern world, software is used in almost every business industry sector to improve performance and efficiency. But it doesn’t always result in acting as an asset for the business, but more of a liability. Too often, businesses are buying software that is inadequate to begin with, or sticking with something they have been using since the dawn of time, simply because it’s all they know. It’s time business owners took stock of the company’s software situation and made a positive change.

Which liability in the list below resonates most with your business software?

  1. It’s so old that staff have multiple workarounds to get their jobs done
  2. No one knows when it was last updated, if at all
  3. Management don’t want to change because “We’ve always used it”
  4. Time is wasted exponentially due to inefficiency
  5. There’s multiple software products being used

Any business can benefit from a software audit, even if the only thing that changes is a couple of processes to help employees manage their workload a little better. If your business management software is an asset that’s great news, but what if it’s a liability? This is where Accentis Enterprise is able to help, with a complete software solution designed for small to medium businesses who need a change. Accentis combines financial accounting software with payroll, inventory and CRM, plus the added benefit or MRP and SCM for manufacturing and supply industry companies. By utilising a single piece of software combining all the requirements for a modern day business, you can increase business production and efficiency, while improving staff morale and management capabilities in one swoop. Accentis Enterprise is the ERP solution for any modern day SMB, and we stand by that fact.

If you want to know more about how Accentis Enterprise can change your business for the better, contact us today! Our product specialists are expert at turning your current liability into a solution, so your business management software becomes asset that helps you grow. You can be more successful, more competitive and more profitable. Find out how you might be wasting $5,000 every year simply because your software is holding you back. Get in touch now, and ask about our 12 months interest free payment plan, to help you get on the road to a better business management software solution. Can your business afford not to?