Let’s face it, if you weren’t already a small business that was growing, you wouldn’t need business management software just yet. Or would you? Here’s the fact; A small business will always need some sort of business management software to enable them to grow more efficiently than if they did not have it. If you run a small business that uses something like MYOB or Xero, you’re already using business management software. If you’re also using Excel spreadsheets, emails, manual or software recorded timesheets, then you’re definitely in need a better software solution that combines all of these tasks and many more, into a single system.

It’s easy to accumulate small business software, with free or low cost options being the norm until you reach a certain number of users. Increasing sales, support and supply issues keep adding stress to an already stretched admin team, leading to either another piece of software to fix a single problem, or worse, you need to hire another employee to help with the workload. This is money you shouldn’t need to spend. What a first seems like a great way to manage your small business soon falls into disarray due to a number of reasons.

  1. You either need to upgrade to a paying subscription for the software you are using
  2. Integration is a nightmare with imports and exports required each week
  3. Employees are spending time duplicating data across products
  4. New employees need to be hired to keep up with added software demands

These are the sort of issues that can stall a small business from growing properly into a more prosperous company. What if, instead of hiring a new staff member, you put that budget into a software solution that combined all of your small business software products into one  fully-integrated solution, saving you money instantly? It’s not only possible, it’s here right now. Accentis Enterprise is an ERP system for small business operators who need to grow, without the expense of moving to a cloud-based subscription platform designed for big businesses with features you might never need. We can assist with providing some ROI numbers to show how the right software can save you time and money.

Accentis offers the ability to combine General Ledger Accounting, Payroll and HR, Supply Chain Management (SCM), Manufacturing (MRP), Job Costing, Timesheet solutions into one system. If you need a Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), it’s included. Looking to record your Fixed Asset and depreciation is something we can do with our eyes closed. Inventory and Stock Control issues become a thing of the past with our complete system encompassing warehouses, stock bins, batch management and much more. Accentis Enterprise is the best small business ERP system available, simply because that’s who it was designed for, and it’s who we are. We use Accentis Enterprise daily for the same reasons you should, because it works.

If you want to find out more about how Accentis can help your small business today, contact us for some information. Scared of the costs? We offer a full 12 months of interest free payments to help with the burden of changing your software systems and processes. Our support team is a dedicated crew constantly implementing customised functionality specific to our clients needs across a vast range of business and industry sectors. The future of your business is in your hands, we just want to help you get there!