Have you ever seen a plant that’s pot bound? It struggles to grow, might not even reach maturity and is not always healthy. Why would do the same thing to your business? Ask yourself this…

  1. Are you a business that has been utilising the same software day in and day out since the beginning?
  2. Should your business software enable you to grow and be proficient at expanding your business?
  3. Do you feel constrained and unable to achieve the results you should be getting?

The answer to each of these is probably a resounding YES. It’s for a good reason too, but it’s not your fault.

Many businesses start out using software they have used before, have been recommended, or you buy what is popular at the time. That’s all well and good when you start, as the software fulfills all your needs, until it doesn’t. Here’s the thing though, no one really notices the software is holding back the business until you take a step back, and that’s when you’re pot bound. Yes the business might be growing, but at what cost to the future of the business? You need to get into the root of the problem and see what is affecting growth. Let’s face it, if your software is stifling the business, it’s happening at the core where all the admin and record keeping is taking place. It’s like trying to grow a plant in a pot that needs more room, and your business will suffer just like the plant.

What if we told you there’s a solution? Accentis Enterprise.

We pick up where off the shelf accounting and business management software falls behind. They just can’t cope with the ever-expanding requirements of a business that encompasses so much more than first thought. Let your business be the best it can be, by giving it a new lease on life, and helping your staff’s sanity in the process. No one likes a stressed out admin, and no plant wants to try and grow in a pot that it can’t fit, making it restricted and pot bound.

Accentis Enterprise can enable you to take back control of your business management, and offers you many additional benefits along the way. General ledger, Payroll & HR, Accounting, Job Costing, Manufacturing, Time Clock and Customer relationship management are just some of the features you’ll enjoy. Nearly every module allows the storing of unlimited amounts of information, on almost every aspect of your business, that you have probably never thought possible.

Accentis Enterprise allows for your business to reach it’s full potential and flourish, just like the plant that’s been given the right conditions to grow. Get in touch with us today, and start growing tomorrow!