Still trying to grow your business but it’s starting to get out of hand?

There’s an easier way!

Accentis Enterprise is a multi-layered business management solution for any growing horticultural business. Take the stress out of growing your business, so you can get back to what you do best, growing plants. Even if you’re not into horticulture, read on, there’s great features for every business suffering from ELSS.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive software product that offers work order facilities, allowing the creation of exciting products from multi-level BoM, we can do that! If you need a solution to take care of delivery schedules, back order management and shipping manifests with electronic interlacing to major chain retailers such as Bunning’s, including updating demand requirements, we can do that too! In fact, we have a lot more than just these features.

This is what we do, from the back to the front and all the way back again, our horticultural focus is simple, it needs to be robust, workable, recordable and most of all, reliable.

In your daily battle you’re dealing with many factors that rely on time, materials, elements and life to make your business a success. Let us take the stress of dealing with the admin side of things out of your hands, to give you the freedom to concentrate on what matters, growing!

We have the best customisation capabilities in the business, giving you complete control for custom fields, special reports and plant register linking, combining all of your spreadsheets and procedures into the one place. Not to be outdone, our large project management facility is second to none. We will track and report on quotations through to sales, manage plant yield efficiency including ongoing maintenance, growing and production actions. To top it off, we can do all this from plugs through to finished product and then delivery to the end customer, keeping track of batch quantities matched to specific batch related cost activities such as potting and maintenance tasks.

Trying to find a gap in our service? We challenge you to find one! We offer remote cloud support for stock availability in the field, and support both retail and POS for storefront operations. Built in barcode and label capabilities support production potting, quality control, staff who picked the item complete with a comprehensive plan solution.

Our software is fully payroll compliant for all government obligations including STP, totally integrated into time clock, work order and job costing modules, giving you a complete financial picture of your business. With additional modules offering fixed asset maintenance and full CRM, can you even afford not to let your business grow?

Accentis Enterprise – If you can grow it, we can support it.

Contact us today, or visit our stand (#72) at the Green Expo in August!