Are your competitors making you green with envy and you want to get even? Competition in business has never been greater. With the rise of the internet and mobile phones, the world is smaller than ever as technology gives people access to information on all sorts of topics at any time of the day. Did you know that in 1 day, humanity creates more data now than was created for all of humanity up until 2003? Retaining and using data for business is, frankly, big business! But you can get in on the act by utilising an ERP solution for your business, to get even with your competitors. If you’re in the horticultural industry or happen to be a wholesale plant or production nursery, then you should look into visiting the Green Expo held by the NGIQ and NGIA, and check out Accentis Enterprise while you’re there. We’ve been planning our visit for months and as a silver event partner, we’re really excited to meet everyone and see how we can help better manage your business data to help you grow. We have a stand (#72) where you can come and meet the guys face to face and have a chat and ask any questions about Accentis and what we can for you. Our software is packed full of features for the horticulture and wholesale plant nursery industry, and we’re so excited to be able to showcase them to you. Who knows, maybe your competitors will want to get even!

Come and see us if you are interested in any of the following:

  • Complete inventory and batch visibility across multiple areas & growing locations
  • Extensive production management including real-time data capture & scheduling
  • Full barcoding and label printing capabilities
  • Low Cost customisation & reporting options
  • Project Costing & Management tools
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) functionality for Bunnings

As you can see, we’re really well equipped to deal with some of the harder aspects of your operation, and we’re confident we have features necessary for so much more as well. These can include payroll, fixed asset management, stock control, account reconciliation, CRM, Time & Attendance and so much more. Come visit our stand at the Green Expo and we’ll show you what we can do to help your business not just grow, but to get even and flourish! Download a brochure today.

Contact us today, or visit us at the show.Tickets are free, so sign up here!