Small Business Accounting Technology Helps Business Grow

Technology in Australia and New Zealand is adopted rather quickly by individuals who want the latest new gadget or software update, but not so much by businesses. Many small businesses are still using a single or combination of factors to run their business, having a detrimental effect on their growth. However, a lot of these businesses don’t even realise they are making the mistakes as they go. Their business is successful, and they haven’t been able to take a step back and look at where they might be creating a bottleneck, or paying for things they don’t need to.

As a business owner, when was the last time you sat down and did an audit of your business software and processes? We’re willing to bet that it’s one of two answers: you either did it when you started your business;  or you have never thought about it. Just take a minute now to have a quick think about the software that your business owns, we’ll wait…

How did you go? We’re going to guess that you probably have some software to manage your contacts, some for your business accounting and probably some more for labelling and inventory. Have you thought about how many processes it takes to record all that data, and if it’s in spreadsheets or emails, how many mistakes can be made when re-entering it? Here’s a suggestion: take a look at some small business accounting technology for your business, with added ERP features. A single piece of software that combines a structured and integrated approach to having all your data ready to go in whatever module that requires it.

We believe that Accentis Enterprise is the best small business accounting technology and ERP system to will help to elevate your business and help it grow. It is a combined data solution that allows for you to save money in multiple ways:

  • No more double entry of the same data into different systems
  • No need to purchase bolt-on solutions or extra data storage systems
  • Staff can work more efficiently and put more into the business
  • Better control over processes for fewer mistakes

You service your business cars to keep them running efficiently because they help make you money … why should your business software be any different? If you need a business software audit, get in touch with us so we can go over the problems you might be experiencing, and how we can fix them!