We were at the Green Expo this week talking all things ERP for the horticultural and plant nursery industry. It’s been an exceptional week and not only have we learned a lot from the people who stopped by our stand, but we have helped a few of them out by showing them where they might be able to improve aspects of their business. Most businesses as they start to grow don’t even know what they can’t see, and that’s half the problem. With Accentis Enterprise, you get to see, know and grow your business now and into the future.

So how do we do that?

Accentis Enterprise is capable of more than just recording your payroll and timesheets into a single system. We’re a fully-integrated ERP solution that can manage Payroll, Time & Attendance, Inventory, Shipping, Suppliers, Purchases, Customer Relationships, Job Costing, Fixed Assets and more! Couple that with industry specific features, and you’re well on your way to improving your business and allowing it to grow. Here’s a snapshot of some of the best features you can use to help beat the competition, or download a brochure right here:

  • Complete inventory and batch visibility across multiple areas & growing locations
  • Extensive production management including real-time data capture & scheduling
  • Full barcoding and label printing capabilities
  • Low Cost customisation & reporting options
  • Project Costing & Management tools
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) functionality, for example, Bunnings.

Get rid of the headache from double-handling your own data and find some relief with a real ERP system in Accentis Enterprise. Contact us today if you would like more information. If you visited us at the Green Expo, we hope you had a great time!


Is your business trying to grow like a weed? If the answer is yes, then you need Accentis!

When you have started to out-grow your current business management tools, how do you cope? If like most businesses, you started looking for a solution to one problem, then another and another, until you end up with multiple software products creating more work for your staff. Why not put all your fruit in one basket, and use a single piece of software that can control your entire business, from the ground up?

When comparing Accentis Enterprise against multiple software products you already use, it’s like comparing apples with oranges. It’s just not fair. Accentis is so powerful, everything can be done in the one system, and grow as your business grows. Whether you manufacture plastic pots for nurseries, or you are a nursery that grows plants from seed to sell to the public or to large multi-national chains, Accentis can handle it all.

Ask yourself these questions of your current system:

Maybe it’s thyme for your business to turn over a new leaf…

Send us a message to see why the grass is always greener on the other side!