Are you frustrated by having to scroll through multiple spreadsheets to find the information you need? Or worse yet, you’ve had to wait a couple of days or your legs get sore running back and forth counting how much stock you’re holding of a single product, just so you can order some more!

Let Accentis Enterprise take the inventory problems out of your hands, and put results at your fingertips!

If you manufacture, produce or import large quantities of items, you need a management tool to keep track of where your stock is at any one time. You can track items that you create from multiple warehouse locations right through until they are distributed to your customers. This gives you powerful reporting and cost analysis of each item, allowing you to control every aspect of your product cycle. More importantly, each item can be individually tracked to quickly ascertain the batch it was processed with, so you can manage any item faults or official product recalls without losing more than you should.

Inventory items can be made up of many products from multiple suppliers that you fabricate into something you sell. You can import a single item and package it up ready for consumers, or manufacture a product with product loss during the manufacturing process. All of this can be managed and reported on with Accentis Enterprise.

Some of the powerful features available are:

  • Save time by using product templates to create new items
  • Make Invoice checking a breeze by Importing Supplier price lists
  • Don’t try to be a calculator, use Accentis for Automatic conversion of multiple units of measurement
  • Integrated freight costing saves you having to add the same information each time
  • Let all staff view the items by using Pictures and photographs of them
  • Give staff the right information always with Real-time inventory transaction processing
  • Create, manage and maintain your Inventory with full bar coding support

Whether you are a small producer of cakes or a large nursery selling plants to multiple outlets nationally or internationally, tracking your goods should be as easy as 1, 2, 3. With Accentis Enterprise, you have the power at your fingertips of knowing where every item is and how much it is worth to you, instantly. Can you do that with your current system?