When you utilise job order costing software, you are recording the profitability of the job by tracking the costs and income associated with it. You will do this to gain the true cost of your jobs requirements, either for quoting purposes or budget for future work. Job order costing allows for work processes to be recorded in batches, giving you control of any product issues that can influence the quality of the product, and work orders control further aspects around these. For construction work there may be safety requirements that need to be met for quality standards, whereas other industries will have outcomes suited to their needs. Food and beverage products can have total transparency of how each step in the process has been handled to ensure a consistent and viable product, and plant growers can better asses the and improve on the needs of their plants with controlled growing conditions to ensure a better yield. In fact, most industries and business types can implement a job order costing regime to track and improve the quality of their products.

Job order costing allows for products being batch tracked, which can be recalled easily by job code if the need arises, through work order management. In the case of a food supplier, if there is a contamination or need for a product recall, the job code can be used to view who has been supplied the product and needs to be informed, without the need of recalling all products not affected. Project management software in the construction and horticulture industries enables the recording of information to a job code for longer periods of time, which is all logged under the same job code to ensure traceability. Accentis Enterprise has no time limit on the length of time that jobs can be recorded for, and allows for the notification of periodical reminders of when something within the jobs needs to be actioned.

Job order costing ensures the business has complete financial control within each job, giving you the best business accounting platform to work from. Some of the integration’s within Accentis Enterprise that help to do this are:

Job order costing is known throughout many different industries and can be referred to as building estimating software, construction cost accounting, construction management software, project costing software and project management software to name a few. No matter the industry or whatever it’s referred to as, you can trust that you will be getting the best business accounting across your entire project. If you’re looking for a better way to take control of your business, contact us so we can show you why Accentis Enterprise is the job order costing software for you!


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